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WineMaKing Philosophy

Since he moved to the Napa Valley in the early 1990s, Tony Biagi has crafted world class wines from some of the best fruit grown in legendary vineyards across Napa Valley. 

He follows the belief that winemaking begins in the vineyard; a blend of the terroir, climate, the vines and the farming methods used to nurture them. Then in the cellar nature, art and science blend to reveal elegance, resonance and substance in our wines. Tony and his assistant Adrien Halpin meticulously deliberate over our choices and strive to create the most natural, balanced expression possible and let the vintage reveal itself. 

Each vintage may bring opportunities to put in place new techniques or tools but the goals are always the same – make the best wine we can to capture that vintage and the place the grapes were grown.

Once bottled, the wines start their own journey continuing to develop further with age until they are summoned for your enjoyment.

Tony Biagi, winemaker smelling a glass of wine


The KIATRA ESTATE wines showcase the results of our farming and winemaking approach in harmony with the unique cooler climate of our southern Napa Valley vineyard. Our intention is to make balanced wines using precision techniques from soil to bottle. The small production of this wine is a testament to our commitment to the best representation of our estate in each vintage and our focus on quality over quantity. 


Our intent with NEOTEMPO SENSORIA is to craft a wine that can be the center of multi-sensory experiences highlighting the alchemy of nature, art, and science to feed the senses, the mind, and the soul. Whether it’s wine and food pairings, music and wine pairing, or art exhibition – the wine can connect the senses and create a unique and memorable experience.

Smart Packaging: Reinvent Packaging with Purpose

According to major research, over 39% of wine’s carbon footprint is attributed to the packaging and transport of wine. Our packaging is designed with purpose and built to be environmentally friendly. We have designed our packaging to be sturdy but lightweight, luxury but made with recycled material, modern but with a nod to the history of wine. The materials used in our design, from the shipping boxes, to the glass bottles, labels, capsules, corks are sustainable, recyclable and if possible compostable. We sourced our components that have made ecological packaging a priority and have built a strong reputation on manufacturing high quality goods. 

We have invented a new bottle and packaging design system which will have a major impact on reducing the footprint of wine and decreasing the costs of shipping and transport. 

Our goal is to share our learnings with the rest of the wine industry and provide a shift towards ecological solutions to combat climate change.

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Nature’s Hidden Art Revealed Through Science

In the spirit of exploring the close relationship between nature, art and science we are proud to share with you the photos of the 2021 Neotempo Kiatra Estate Cabernet Sauvignon wine crystals – this is a novel achievement where nature’s hidden art is revealed through science. It’s the first time you can taste a wine and also see its crystals. We will be sharing digital and print copies of our wine with our club membership – stay tuned.

We partnered with the world renowned nature photographer and researcher Dr. Robert Berdan to experiment in his lab on methods of creating and taking photographs of wine crystals made from our wines. Each crystal is unique and like a fingerprint produces a unique texture. Note we have purchased the photographs for our wine crystals but we wanted Dr. Berdan to share some of the photos on his website for educational purposes.

Dr. Berdan is a fantastic artist and a great teacher – he has written a great article on the process to photograph the crystals and his collaboration with us as well as great historical details here. His work is available for purchase at his website.